Our educational program for Preschool is based on the Montessori Philosophy, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907, whose discoveries about the children's learning process are highlighted in the following philosophical principles.

  • Children have an innate potential for learning and teaching themselves.
  • Through the organization of a prepared environment with appropriate materials and activities, children can discover who they are and can learn about the world that surrounds them and about their capability to act upon it.
  • Each child is unique. Each learns at their own individual pace.
  • Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and love for learning.
  • Children are naturally inquisitive, they have a thirst for learning. If we allow them to discover and learn by themselves, they come to develop a strong self-confidence.
  • Freedom to learn is what they need. Teachers prepare the environment so the children can have that freedom. They mostly observe the children so they are ready to help and motivate, but not to urge nor interfere with their spontaneous and natural discoveries. They are alert to offer children interesting and more complex options in which children can get involved according to their level. This way, children are at work on tasks that are really important and meaningful to them.

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