Our school’s philosophy points out the importance of the students discovering and acknowledging their own natural condition as God’s creatures, which must lead them to become good citizens and active members of society.  Lightened, at the same time, by the legacy of our saint patron Saint Dominic of Guzman, as a model of humility and service to others in God’s love, the students at Saint Dominic School must show solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters of our local community, especially with those in need.  To achieve these ideals, our students are given the opportunities to participate in community service organized in each class with the help of teachers and to collaborate in local and nation-wide solidarity causes.  For this purpose, our students visit children’s and elders’ home, children’s medical centers, low-income schools, and other sites selected by the school authorities, and participate in national fundraising activities such as Teleton, Radio Maria, Operation Smile, and others.



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