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SAINT DOMINIC, a saint who teaches us the love for knowledge, a prestigious professor, a master in Christian values, a noted educator of the Truth, a preacher who invites us by his testimonial life to grow and exceed.


Saint Dominic of Guzman’s silhouette framed by the Holy Rosary.  The words “Truth” and “Values” highlight the teachings of our saint patron which instruct us that all virtues, values and principles that we put into practice through our attitudes in life can arise only from Truth.  “Truth” and “Values” do not go apart.  “Truth,” says Saint Dominic, is to be testified in our daily living. Our logo “Learning with Joy” reflects the mystic that inspire our students in their learning experiences.


Two horizontal bands.  The lower band is blue to symbolize our homeland.  The upper band is yellow to symbolize our faith.  Saint Dominic School offers the bread of education that feeds the intellect of our students, young citizens of our country, or the world, and the light of our Lord Jesus Christ to guide our steps in this educational community.


The school staff is a selected group of persons dedicated to and immersed in the Education field with the determination to do their best on behalf of every student of Saint Dominic School.

The school staff is dedicated to honor our conception of our school as a communitywhere learning for all takes place.  Every member of the school staff is committed to make an effort  to become each day a better person so we can offer our students the best of ourselves.

The Director.

The Director is an active member of the teaching staff.  She assumes the responsibility of directing, managing and leading the school towards a standard of excellence in the integral formation of the students.

The Director is disposed to attend parents whenever they require it, through an appointment that can be arranged at the School’s Office, since having close communication between parents and educators about any matter concerning the students is highly valued. 

The Teachers.

The teachers are graduated professionals in the field of Education or Psychology who have noted teaching experience.  They are bilingual, proficient in both languages, English and Spanish.

They have affirmed to be in agreement with the School’s  philosophical and educational principles.  And, have stated their personal will to guide their students toward their full development as independent, responsible and happy human beings.

The teachers are available to parents every day after school dismissal from 2:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, by an appointment previously arranged.

Administrative staff and other supporting staff.

The administrative staff and other supporting staff  also have stated their agreement with the School´s principles.  They also are committed toward a learning environment in which they are active members.  They are respected and valuable persons in our school community.


Understood as the director of the school, teachers, administrative staff, parents and  students.

All being part of a big family united under the same principles stated in our School emblem:  TRUTH AND VALUES

All seeking to make the statement “LEARNING WITH JOY” the goal of every moment we live at Saint Dominic School.

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